Set for an exciting showdown on May 14, 2024, at 09:40 PM, the Kansas City Royals will take on the Seattle Mariners at T-Mobile Park under overcast skies. Veteran pitcher Michael Wacha, who holds an ERA of 5.153, will start for the Royals. Counteracting for the Mariners, Logan Gilbert will take the mound, entering the game with an impressive ERA of 2.942.

Currently, the Royals sit 5th in the 2024 AL Central Division with a record of 25-18, reflecting a winning percentage of 0.58. They are positioned 3rd in divisional matchups with 8 wins and 5 losses. The team is coming off a mixed performance in their last 10 games, having won 5 times but now facing a recent loss. They’ve played stronger at home, evidenced by their 15-8 record, compared to a balanced 10-10 on the road. The Royals have been more effective in night games, with 15 wins compared to 10 during the day, scoring 196 and conceding 151 runs overall.

The Mariners, placed 6th in the AL West with a 23-19 record, are posting a 0.55 win ratio. They lead their divisional games with 6 wins from 9 matches, showing stronger form recently with a two-game winning streak. At home, they have a decent record of 14-9, but have struggled slightly more on the road with 9 wins to 10 losses. Night games have clearly been more favorable, with 17 out of their 23 wins coming under the lights. The Mariners have managed 162 runs while allowing 152 runs.

When it comes to betting odds, the Mariners are favored to win, reflected in the point spread of -1.5 and a moneyline of -157, suggesting confidence from the bettors in their performance. The Royals, underdogs, are listed with a moneyline of +131. The total over/under for the game is pegged at 7.5, hinting at a moderately low-scoring game anticipated by oddsmakers.